The event, first played in 2004, to raise funds in support of  ‘Heads Up’ Head and Neck Cancer Research charity based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

In 2017 Heads -Up merged with Oracle Cancer Trust. You can visit their website at and see the fine works that they are undertaking.

Now the event attracts a large number of players and more than of 130 for the evening dinner and auction.

More than 8000 people per year (22 per day) are diagnosed with this disease each year and although more than 50% survive we still need to know more about head and neck cancer.

You can find out more by visiting

Shark Attack was started by me after I was diagnosed in 2003. The event got its name when two of my playing partners decided to issue the ‘press release’ below to advise other colleagues of my recent surgery at Oxford:


Water Hazard adds Extra Bite.   Golfer attacked by Rare Shark

Golfer John “Huggy” Hughes is recovering at home after being bitten by a rare Vampire Shark at the Wiltshire Golf Club.

Playing the 17th hole, as usual John’s second shot went into the lake. Cursing, John was heard to say “**** it ! I’m not losing another ball in there” and waded in to retrieve it. Playing partners Norman and Brian noticed a fin gliding towards John and shouted a warning, but the shark ignored it and continued its attack grabbing John around the throat. After conferring Norman and Brian decided a 5 wood and a 6 iron was the correct selection and went in to drive off the attacker. The shark released his hold and swam away spitting to try and remove the taste. Norman and Brian dragged John out asking him if he wanted to take a penalty drop.

Speaking from home John Hughes said “I’ve put so many balls in there I did not think the water would be deep enough for a fish like that. I must be grateful to my playing partners, they could have just left me, but they threw my clubs and bag into the lake and loaded me on my Powercaddy and took me with them while they finished their round.  They then called an ambulance after taking my £2 for the kitty to stop me worrying about not putting in.”

The Vampire Shark is very rare and sucks blood from its victim before devouring them. This shark bit off more than it could handle as it was later found floating belly up.  It died of food poisoning.

As you can see the golf is all fun, if you want to join us this year go to the event page for more information and download an application form and an event poster for the day.
John Hughes

Norman Runciman

Brian Green

Where it happened